Disney Momma is my blogger name because I love Disney and I also care about families, family time, and family values.  That is why I am really excited to share about this new product, Circle.  

Circle is not made by Disney, but Disney has partnered with the Circle team to present an affordable, practical internet security device.  Circle allows parents to filter internet content in their home, set time limits or a bedtime, and even pause the internet access.  It’ can be personalized for multiple people, so one child can have different filters or time limits than another.  Plus, it doesn’t have monthly fees, like a lot of the other options in internet security.

Read more about it here, on my husband’s blog.  As both a father and a children’s and youth pastor, he cares deeply about internet safety for today’s youth and families.  We’re really excited about this new technology.  

Is Circle something you would use in your home?  Talk about it in the comments.

Circle 2