The following is a guest post by my husband, Jared, a self-proclaimed tech, Disney, and superhero geek.  See more about him at the bottom of this post.

Image Credit: revogamers

Image Credit: revogamers

I think we all knew it was coming, but now it’s official. With the success of the original Disney Infinity and the continued success when Infinity 2.0 included Marvel characters, it was a natural progression to include Star Wars into the future of the game. That’s exactly what Disney has done. Version 3.0 will include Star Wars playsets as well as new Marvel characters and Disney characters. The toy box is sure getting full. Here’s a few things to know about the 3.0 release:

New Characters

Image Credit: Disney Infinity

Image Credit: Disney Infinity

There are three Star Wars playsets available. One will be based on the Clone Wars franchise, one based on episodes 4-6, and one based on the upcoming movie.

Mickey and Minnie are finally coming. With the exception of Sorcerer Mickey from Infinity 1.0, these characters are yet to be playable, but they will be in version 3.0, along with Olaf, Mulan, and all five emotion characters from the upcoming Pixar film, Inside Out.

The new Marvel characters include the Hulk Buster version of Iron Man and Ultron, both from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Lastly, but certainly not least for the geek in your home, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron Legacy will be playable in the console version. I believe these characters were made available a while back for the online version, but they will now be physical figures, playable on your console.

Multiplayer Expansions

One thing I haven’t loved about Disney Infinity thus far is the multiplayer feel in the toy box. It has always felt like there was not much to do except run around and beat each other up. Hopefully, these new expansions will fix that. In the same way that Mario Kart brought Nintendo characters together from multiple franchises, the new multiplayer speedway will hopefully tickle that itch with Disney’s multiple properties. They also have one they are calling Toy Box Takeover.

Power Discs Updated

Up until this version, the power discs were released in mystery packaging. I can only assume that this plan backfired as many, like myself, would not purchase them for fear of getting a dud or a repeat. Going forward, power discs will be labeled.


The cost for the Infinity 3.0 starter pack is set at $64.99 and is already available for preorder. Those who own version 1.0 or 2.0 will need to purchase this new version to be able to play with the new characters and playsets, but old sets and characters should be playable on the new version of the game. With 2.0, they did release the game only (without the starter pack) so it’s safe to assume that option will be made available. Also, if you can wait it out, a lot of places offered big discounts around Black Friday on the starter set, so one can hope for that.

Not sure I’m ready to shell out more money on this game, but the figurines do make for a reasonable gift item or reward. Flynn and Quorra are already on my list and I can almost guarantee there is a young boy in our home will beg for Darth Vader to be added to his collection. It sounds like the game has been reengineered some as well, which I hope improves the often glitchy performance I found to be true of version 2.0.


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Jared is the love of my life and the head of my household.  But, beyond that, he is a pastor, specializing in Children’s and Family Ministries.  He writes his own blog, SmallTownKidMin, and regularly writes guest posts for My Healthy Church.  He also works part-time, building mobile apps for non-profits and working in Marketing.  Jared has me to thank for his love of Disney, but he has really made it his own.  He listens to Disney podcasts, stays up on the latest news, and has even themed furniture around it.  Jared is much more of a gamer than I, so I appreciate him sharing his knowledge about Disney Infinity 3.0 with Disney Momma.  Thank you!