We are nearing the end of my Disney Voice Doubles series.  We’ve met several actors and actresses in the previous posts, some of whom voiced about a dozen Disney characters.  For some, their voices are easily recognizable.  For others, it was a real surprise to discover that they’d been done by the same person.   Here are some more of Disney’s impressive voice stars.

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Hans Conried

Image Credit: IMDb

Image Credit: IMDb

Hans Conried’s strong voice made him successful on the radio in the 1930s and ’40s.  He was also an actor on stage, including Broadway.  Traditionally, stage productions of Peter Pan hired the same actor to play Mr. Darling and Captain Hook.  In keeping with that tradition, Disney hired Hans to voice both roles in the animated film.

Hans Conried - Mr Darling Hans Conried - Hook 

Hans’ roles include:

  • Mr. Darling – Peter Pan
  • Captain Hook – Peter Pan

Is it a sort of Wizard of Oz-type thing that causes Mr. Darling and Captain Hook to be the same person (since the children’s dad father seems like a bad guy when he tells Wendy that she has to grow up)?  I don’t know if I’m reading into that too much, or if it’s something obvious that I should have caught onto a long time ago…


Martha Wentworth

Martha Wentworth - Madame Mim Martha Wentworth - Squirrel Martha Wentworth - Nanny Martha Wentworth - Lucy Martha Wentworth - Queenie

Martha Wentworth’s voice roles include:

  • Madame Mim – The Sword in the Stone
  • Old Lady Squirrel – The Sword in the Stone
  • Nanny – 101 Dalmatians
  • Lucy – 101 Dalmatians (Image Credit: The Disney Wiki)
  • Queenie – 101 Dalmatians (Image Credit: Behind the Voice Actors)

I just love Madame Mim.  I wouldn’t have pegged her as the squirrel though.  


Ben Wright

Image Credit: Pyxurz

Image Credit: Pyxurz

Ben Wright was very talented at taking on various European accents, even making the dialects specific to a particular region.  He acted on radio, TV, stage, and film, including portraying the part of Herr Zeller in the movie The Sound of Music.  His last job was for The Little Mermaid, which he finished shortly before his death.  

Ben Wright - Wolf Ben Wright - Roger Ben Wright - Grimsby

His roles for Disney include:

  • Father Wolf – The Jungle Book
  • Roger – 101 Dalmatians
  • Grimsby – The Little Mermaid

Pretty varied roles!  


Eleanor Audley

Image Credit: IMDb

Image Credit: IMDb

Eleanor Audley is famous for her chilling voice, perfect for playing Disney villainesses.

Eleanor Audley - Lady Tremaine Eleanor Audley - Maleficent Eleanor Audley - Mme Leota

Eleanor’s Disney roles include the following creepy ladies:

  • Lady Tremaine – Cinderella
  • Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  • Madame Leota – Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks (Image Credit: YouTube)

You may be able to hear the movie villains’ voices in your head, but maybe you’ve never ridden The Haunted Mansion, or you can’t remember Madame Leota’s voice.  This video will make the connection for you.  


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Unless otherwise noted, photos are from Disney Screencaps.  Thank you!