Girl Meets World party
Growing up, my family and I were big fans of Boy Meets World.  I have to admit, over the years, I’ve imagined what happened with Cory and Topanga in their “life” together.  So, of course, when I heard that there was going to be  a new spin-off show, Girl Meets World, I was excited.  I’d decided that when the time came for the premier show, I’d have a little party, just for fun.  

While it has taken me quite a while to get this post out, the party itself didn’t take long to prepare.  It was pretty simple, but it turned out really cute.  Just the right amount of fun for the evening.

With my husband’s help, we’d planned a menu.  I decided on World Cupcakes and Feeny Fondue.  At the last minute, I added Mint-to-Be-Together Tea.  

World CupcakesInspired by Hello Mess‘ Earth Day Cupcakes, I made cupcakes to resemble the world.  The ones at Hello Mess turned out better, I have to admit, but it was still clear what mine were supposed to be.  

To make them, I whipped up a white cake mix and divided the batter in half, coloring half of it green and making the other half blue.  I spooned the batter in the cupcake tin, alternating colors, and making sure that some of each color ended on top.  They looked better when the cupcakes were more full, so I’d suggest fuller cupcake papers (a little more than 2/3 full).  Watch them carefully because the colors are prettier when they don’t turn golden-brown in the oven.  To make party day more simple, I made them a couple of days ahead and froze them in Ziplok bags.  

I made a white, whipped icing and served it beside the cupcakes in a piping bag, so guests could top their own world with a cloud of goodness.

Cupcake close-up

Since Girl Meets World is the new show, I thought I would play on the title a little bit by adding a few bows to some of the cupcakes.  I used pink and red Starburst candies to make them.  I tore off a little bit to roll into a strip that would wrap around the bow’s center.  The rest of it was flattened into a rectangle and then scrunched together like a bow.  If your candy is too hard to work with, put it (unwrapped) in the mircrowave for 10 seconds.  I let them air dry for a bit on a sheet of waxed paper and then just laid them on top of a cupcake.  

Feeny Fondue

I melted together a few ingredients to make a simple Feeny Fondue.  For dippers, I chose bananas, strawberries, pineapple chunks, marshmallows, and little cookies.  


For simplicity cost-effectiveness, I made a Caramel-Chocolate Fondue.  It is SO easy and tastes delicious.  It does get thick quickly, however, if it is too hot for too long.  The crock pot that I used didn’t have a warm setting.  That would have made it so much better to have been able to leave it on “warm” after it was all melted.  I will provide the recipe below, as well as a recipe for an incredible (but more expensive) chocolate fondue.  I’d also recommend using a crock pot liner for this.  After reheating the fondue the next day, getting that crock clean was difficult.

Mint Tea

Finally, I brewed a pitcher of mint tea to drink.  I just boiled 3-4 cups of water and steeped 2 regular tea bags and 1 mint tea in it, then added enough cold water to get about 2 quarts.  Quick to make and refreshing to drink.

Mint Tea tag

Cory and Topanga’s Image Credit: Glamour 

 I made simple tags on cardstock and folded them in half so they would stand up.  

It was a fun, simple premier party. My guests enjoyed the treats and their themed names.

Let me know:  Were you a fan of Boy Meets World?  How do you feel about Disney making a spin-off show?  What do you think of Girl Meets World so far?

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