My husband and I honeymooned in Disney World almost 9 years ago.  The amazing smell of freshly baked waffle cones tempted us until we wandered into The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street USA.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

I was a little bit sad to learn later that this amazing smell is sometimes piped in through Disney’s Smellitzers (scent-generators that vent smells), but mostly that just made me wish even more that they would sell bottled versions of that smell!  It’s sooo wonderful!

Anyway, we both knew right away that what we wanted was The “Plaza” Ice Cream Sundae, which the menu describes as “Old Fashioned Vanilla with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, and a Cherry served in a freshly made Waffle Bowl.”  Yes please!  With two spoons!  (I think you can now pick two kinds of ice cream for it.  We still go for vanilla.  It costs around $5.20.)

We took our delicious waffle bowl to one of those round tables with yellow-striped umbrellas and shared it near the moat of Cinderella Castle.  Ducks waddled around near our table.  It was peaceful and romantic and it made a lasting memory for us.  

Honeymoon Sundae

So, every now and then, we remind our senses of that sweet newlywed memory at Disney World by making our own version of the sundae.

You can’t buy a waffle cone bowl that is as good as a freshly-made one.  But, we get the next-best thing and buy a box of waffle cone bowls from the grocery store.  They’re right there with the cones.  (Be careful with them.  They’re seriously fragile.)

Also, pick up a jar of hot fudge, can of whipped cream, and maraschino cherries.

The key ingredient is the ice cream.  The Plaza serves Edy’s ice cream (which is Dreyer’s on the west coast).  This signature sundae is made with Edy’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, (which, by itself, is incredible).  I know, it’s just vanilla, but it’s the best, best kind of vanilla.  It has little flecks of vanilla bean in it and it is so creamy and sweet.  Yum.

Edy's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Edy’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Carefully scoop it into your waffle cone bowl, drizzle it with hot fudge, smother it in whipped cream, and top it with a few maraschino cherries (one on the top and a few around the edges).  Sit down and enjoy your Disney dessert!  Maybe play a little Main Street USA music in the background for added effect.  🙂

Note:  We had ours after a Mickey-Mouse themed meal.  So fun!

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