Villain cake pt2

Before I had the fun of making the fondant shapes that you saw in Part 1, I prepared, baked, and iced the cakes.

I wanted to have some bright, villainous colors in this cake.  I used this Halloween Bundt Cake tutorial from Cooking with Sugar as a guide to color the inside of the cake.  Because I wasn’t using a fluted Bundt pan, I knew my colors wouldn’t swirl and combine as they did in the tutorial.  So, I varied the colors by dropping tablespoonfuls around the inside of my greased and floured pans.

Slice of Cake

As the video suggests, I used white cake for the orange and purple and chocolate for the black, since it would take so much food coloring to make a black, vanilla-flavored cake.  Know, however, that the chocolate cake ended up being the prominent flavor.

Cake Border

To add interest to the cake, I put black in the icing border.  To do that, I spread black food coloring gel on the inside of my piping bag before filling it with the purple icing.  I made one stripe, going from the tip and up toward the back of the bag.  Then, I filled the bag with icing.  Pipe a little bit onto a piece of waxed paper or onto a plate before starting on your cake.  It takes a little bit for the coloring to begin to come through.

You’ll notice in the photo that the bottom of the top layer is mostly black.  To make this border, I faced the stripe of food coloring toward the outside as I did the piping.  For the other borders, I varied where the black was by rotating the piping bag in my hand as I worked.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of these processes.  This video (from Wilton) can help you, beginning at the 50 second mark.

This cake was fairly heavy, so I needed a strong cake board to put under it.  I simply covered a large cutting board with freezer paper for mine.  You can also tape together layers of cardboard and cover that in freezer paper.  (Freezer paper is larger and less see-through than waxed paper.)

Our son loved his Disney Villains birthday cake and, with the colors on the inside, it was still pretty, even after it had been cut.  Have fun making your own version!

Villain Cake part 2 inside