Stuffed Animals

Bring some little stuffed friends with you if you’re staying at a
Walt Disney World Resort hotel! 

When we went to Disney World, we packed along a couple of favorite teddy bears, as well as a few, small, Disney stuffed animals.  I didn’t want to waste space in our luggage by bringing toys at home, but I am so glad that we packed these little guys.  They really added to the magic.

Before we left our room at the resort each day, we’d make sure our stuffed animals were lying out on the bed.  When we’d return, we’d come back to a fun surprise!  Our toys had as much fun at Disney World as we did! 

Each day, Mousekeeping (Disney’s version of Housekeeping) arranged our stuffed animals.  Before we left in the mornings, we made sure that the kids noticed how we left the animals: in a pile on a bed.

Stuffed Animals mess

 When, we got back to our room, it was exciting to see that they’d moved!

Stuffed Animals arranged

Take a look at what our stuffed animals were up to while we enjoyed the Parks:

They took a pretend rowboat ride!  (or maybe an airplane…)

Stuffed Animals airplane

They watched cartoons!  (Mousekeeping left the TV on for them.)

Stuffed Animals tv

They even read the Bible together!

Stuffed Animals Bible

So fun, right?!!

Not all Mouskeeping Cast Members are this creative, but, at the very least, your stuffed animals will be arranged each day.  It’s still a fun change from the messy pile they’d started with!

Stuffed Animals arranged3 Stuffed Animals arranged2

(Note:  This time, Mousekeeping wasn’t as clever with the animals, but they left a towel creation each day.)

When our kids are older and my husband and I go by ourselves again, I think I’ll still bring along a few stuffed animals!

Do you bring stuffed animals to Disney World?  Will you next time?
I’d love to see pictures of your favorite surprises from Mousekeeping!