20 things to LoveThere are so many things to love about Disney World.  This Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a list of a few of my “top” beloved things there. (If there really is a way to narrow it down!)  

So, here they are:  20 things I love about Disney World, in no particular order.  (It’s hard enough to limit the list to 20, let alone rank them!)

1.  The Park IconsCinderella Castle

At first, I was going to say Cinderella Castle, but I love seeing all of the famous sites.  Spaceship Earth, the Earful Tower, the Tree of Life–even the water park icons–are so impressive.  I love them in the day and I love them at night.  And, besides being beautiful, they mean that I am in Walt Disney World. 

2.  The Music

There is music playing everywhere, like a soundtrack to your day.  I like to listen to Disney Parks CDs.  The background music that makes me feel the most Disney World-ish though, are the old-timey songs from Main Street USA.  Sometimes, I listen to them on YouTube just to take me back.  My favorites are “Married Life” from Up and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” 

3.  The Nighttime ShowsCelebrate the Magic

Probably the most tear-jerking experiences for me are the Nighttime Shows.  Their are just spectacular.  The Magic Kingdom’s Wishes and Celebrate the Magic shows are my favorites, but Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios follows closely behind.  Illuminations in Epcot is amazing too and, soon, Animal Kingdom will have some evening magic of its own.  You have to be there to get the full experience, but, if you haven’t seen them, watch them on YouTube.

4.  The Rides:  Slow . . .Great Movie Ride

Honestly, the slow-moving attractions are probably my favorites.  I love the boat rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean and “it’s a small world.”  I love flying high with Dumbo or on a magic carpet.  I enjoy exploring the corners of Tomorrowland on the TTA.  We can travel Under the Sea or into our Imaginations.  We even get to play carnival games with our friends from Toy Story.  There are so many amazing “slow” rides at Disney World.  

5.  . . . and FastBig Thunder Mtn Railroad

Even though I’m not a thrill seeker (and I admit that there are a few rides that I just won’t do), I also appreciate the fast attractions at Disney World.  They allow me to ride on a wild Mine Train, travel into space, or drive at 65 mph in the Florida sun, testing out a car of my own design.

6.  . . .  and Still

I guess Carousel of Progress isn't really still, but it's theater-style, so I'm putting it here.

I guess Carousel of Progress isn’t really still, but it’s theater-style, so I’m putting it here.

The still attractions are awesome too.  4-D movies, like Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Muppet Vision 3-D are some of my favorites.  The Enchanted Tiki Room and Carousel of Progress are fun classics.  Other attractions, like the Hall of Presidents and O Canada, are impressive and educational at the same time.  Don’t miss out on these attractions because you think they’ll be boring.  You will enjoy them.

7.  The EntertainmentBeauty and the Beast

“Entertainment” at Disney World includes so much, so I may be cheating a little to lump so many things into one item on my list.  So much talent, beautiful costumes, and gorgeous music go into the parades and shows.  The “Festival of Fantasy” is my new favorite parade.  Beauty and the Beast – Live on State is always a must-see for me.  Disney Junior is fun for kids and parents.   Voices of Liberty, Matsuriza, and other live talents from Epcot’s World Showcase are so impressive.  Festival of the Lion King showcases awesome Cirque du Soliel-type talents.  I could go on and on…

8.  World ShowcaseJapan

Another love of mine is World Showcase.  I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but Florida is a little more realistic for me.  In Epcot, I can walk into 11 different countries in one day, eat their foods, hear their music and their language, shop in their markets, and even learn some culture and history. 

9.  The FoodBe Our Guest

We don’t even splurge on the table service meals at Disney World, but we still get so excited about the food.  Our vacation memories are paired with memories of sauteed mushrooms on a Pecos Bill hamburger, incredible Braised Pork from the Beast’s own kitchen, and a refreshing Antipasto Salad from Pizza Planet.  I’m not even going to get into the desserts we’ve eaten.  So good.

10. The Famous SnacksDole Whip Float

The turkey legs that you’ve heard about are delicious.  Dole Whips:  yummy.  Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar:  good, but even better since it’s shaped like Mickey.  Churros:  mmm.  LeFou’s Brew:  Oh my goodness!  If only I could bring them home!
All of them are fun and tasty, but they’re made even better when you know you’re eating them in the Happiest Place on Earth. 

11. The TransportationTTA

Where else can you ride on a bus, a boat, a train, a monorail, a trolley, and a magnetically driven transport, all in one day?  And it doesn’t cost extra.

12. The Flowers and LandscapingMonsters Universe Topiary

Walt Disney World takes such good care of their grounds.  The landscaping, the flowers, the topiaries, and trees, are so beautiful.  It all adds to the magical atmosphere.

13. The FountainsFountain of Nations

I love fountains and WDW has so many of them.  There are jumping fountains, fountains underneath flying rides, and–my favorite–the Fountain of Nations–which does a musical (and high-blasting) show on the quarter hour.  We’re talking powerful shots of water going 150 feet into the air.  Amazing.

14. The Characters

My son gave Vanellope a Mickey sticker

My son gave Vanellope a Mickey sticker

It’s so fun for both kids and adults to see their favorite characters come to life, hug them, interact with them, and get their autographs.  

15. The DancingDance Party

I have fallen in love with Character Dance Parties.  It is a blast to get into the groove with the Incredibles, Frozone, Mickey, and friends.  And, let me tell you, some of those characters have some serious moves.  

16. The Resort Fun

Mousekeeping arranged our kids' toys.

Mousekeeping arranged our kids’ toys.

I have barely even begun to experience the fun that resort hotels have to offer.  Aside from the outdoor movies, themed pools, poolside games, arcades, gift shops, and more… just sleeping on Disney property is so fun.  I love getting Disney wake-up calls, trading cash for Disney Dollars with the concierge, and seeing the awesome things that Mousekeeping does in our room while we’re playing at the Parks.  

17. The CleanlinessRapunzel bathroom

This sounds like a weird one.  Yes, there are a lot of people at Disney World, and therefore, a lot of germs.  But, compared to other theme parks and highly populated places, Walt Disney World does a great job of staying clean.  In the Magic Kingdom, at least, housekeeping enters restrooms through back entrances, so guests don’t see them hauling trash around.  Walt’s orders were that trash cans be places no more than 30 steps apart, to minimize the amount of trash that gets thrown on the ground.  Street scrubbers wash the streets at night.  Overall, they keep the atmosphere of the Parks pretty nice.

18. The ThemingFrontierland

The themes of each park, each land, and even around each attraction is so impressive.  Are you really in the Old West, or just Frontierland?  It’s hard to tell.

19. The Details

This window on Main Street USA is open and you can hear sounds coming from inside.

This window on Main Street USA is open and you can hear sounds coming from inside.

Disney is the very best about details.  If you’re into discovering Park secrets and Hidden Mickeys, this takes on a whole, new level.  I’m pretty sure the Imagineers think of absolutely everything–and then they make it happen.

20. The MagicSorcerers of the MK

Walt Disney World makes dreams come true.  It suspends reality.  Things that seem impossible are made real there.  They really can transform the entirety of Cinderella Castle into a Wreck-It Ralph game.  They allow you to fight villains just by holding up a card.  Main Street USA always smells like sweet goodness.  It is so fun to see dreams that have become realities–and to be a part of them.

What do you love about Disney World?