Sorcerer Hat

Today, we say goodbye to the Sorcerer Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Studios.  The giant hat has been in existence since 2001, but many Park-lovers have argued that it interfered with the old-Hollywood feel of the street.  

While I have never seen Hollywood Studios without the Sorcerer Hat, I do have to agree that is seems kind of random.  When I first went to Disney World, there was a little pin gift shop underneath the hat.  I remember thinking, “This is all that’s here?”  But, then on subsequent visits, there has been a stage in front of it, which blocks so much of the view of the large icon anyway…kind of like Disney wasn’t even quite sure what to do with it.

Sorcerer Hat with the Frozen-themed stage in front

Sorcerer Hat with the Frozen-themed stage in front

Still, I have enjoyed taking an obligatory photo in front of it and I love the way the gold spirals sparkle in the night.  I’m excited to see what Disney will now feature on their ornaments and tee shirts and if they will do anything with that space, but it’s always sad to see something at Disney World come to an end.  (Except maybe Stitch’s Great Escape.  I don’t think very many people will be sad when that goes away someday.)  

hat at night closer

I’ve never taken a strong stance on the Sorcerer Hat vs. Chinese Theater debate, but I guess now it is over.  Deconstruction begins on the hat today.  (We’re not sure how long it will take to completely remove the structure.)

So, what do you think about the removal of the Sorcerer Hat?  Are you glad it’s finally happening, sad to see it go, or somewhere in between?

Also, jump over to my facebook page to vote for your favorite Hollywood Studios icon:  the Hat, the Earful Tower, or the Chinese Theater.  

(The contest was posted on 1/6.)