When I heard that Disney was releasing Cinderella, I have to admit that I had very uncertain feelings about it.  I get worried when a new version is made of something that I’ve loved so much.  

That feeling is gone now.  The full trailer for Cinderella was released today and I can officially say that I cannot wait to see it.  I will be at the theater for this one, maybe even on opening day.  

Perhaps I should wear a ball gown to see it.  Now, there’s an idea…


In an interview with Oh My Disney, director Kenneth Branagh said, “I wanted to let the audience feel that [with the movie] they were going to enter a very sumptuous, lavish world. It’s a new kind of fairy tale where the emotional development feels very real. In the trailer I wanted to show people that there would be a great, big, immersive world to go into and that it would be fun to spend some time there. It’s playful and complex; full of energy.”  

How beautiful is that?!

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What do you think about the upcoming film?