This morning on my Disney Momma facebook page, I posted about some of the fun and adorable Disney products at Hot Topic.  With Disney products and the Christmas shopping season in mind, I thought I’d do this post on some of the Precious Moment’s Disney figurines.

Precious Moments Chapel

This August, my family and I went to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri.  I’d been there a couple of times with my family as a kid, but this was my first time in a long time and a first visit for both my husband and our children.  

Precious Moments Chapel art

Bible Stories told through Precious Moments paintings

A visit to the Chapel is free!  According to its website, the Chapel is a “creation of artist Samuel J. Butcher as a gift of thanks to God; recognizing the many blessings given by God. The Chapel has often been described as ‘America’s Sistine Chape,’ as an artful representation of Michelangelo’s own Sistine Chapel in Rome.”  The Chapel has also provided some emotional healing to people who are experiencing grief, as Sam has tragically lost two of his sons in separate incidents and has created rooms dedicated to the memory of lost loved ones.  In fact, the Chapel is about to undergo some major construction as it adds a bell tower as a tribute to his son Timmy, who died suddenly in 2012. (You may know Timmy the Angel from his artwork or cartoons.)

Ceiling artwork

Ceiling artwork

My family and I were thrilled to actually meet Sam Butcher and his son, Don, while we were there.  The artist lives in the Philippines and happened to be back for a short time.  He even gave our son a book!  

Sam Butcher and his masterpiece, Hallelujah Square, which is full of real people and their stories

Sam Butcher and his masterpiece, Hallelujah Square, which is full of real people and their stories

Sam workingMeeting Sam

Anyway, why am I posting this on my Disney blog?  

Precious Moments and Disney have come together to make adorable pieces.  This began several years ago.  You’ve probably seen some of them by now, especially at Hallmark stores.  While in the Chapel gift shop, I took a few pictures of some of the Disney-inspired pieces that I’d never seen.  They’d be perfect gifts for the Disney-lover, the Precious Moments-lover, or someone who just likes cuteness!

PM SulleyPM Monsters PM Cars PM EeyorePM TiggerPM Toy Story PM Mary Poppins2 PM Mary and BertPM Mary PoppinsPM Simba PM Girls PM Mermaid

I love Cinderella's Prince Charming doll

I love Cinderella’s Prince Charming doll!!

PM Snow WhiteThere are also Christmas-themed Disney figurines.PM Christmas

Precious Moments’ Disney figurines are available here and at many Hallmark stores.  They start around $20 and go up, depending on the size.