If you’ve been to Disney World in the fall, you’ve seen the many, many jack-o-lanterns that line the buildings along Main Street USA.  Each one is cleverly designed by Disney’s Art Director, David Hartmann and then carefully carved.  The pumpkins often match the theme of the building on which they stand.  You can find an ice cream sundae on top of The Plaza, a hot dog over Casey’s Corner, a film strip over The Cinema, and a dalmatian on the Fire Station.  You will also see more traditional jack-o-lantern faces.

Main Street Jack o Lanterns

As you walk along Main Street, it is fun to take the time to look up and notice the detail and hard work that went into creating each one.  The pumpkins are realistic-looking, but are actually foam. (Disney learned its lesson about using real pumpkins in Florida heat.)  Some of them reappear each year and other, new carvings are added too.  There are over 180 pumpkins on display, each one with an original design and each is carved by hand.  

This video features a great interview with artist, David Hartmann.  Take a look at their jack-o-lantern-making process.
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Here are some of the jack-o-lanterns that I’ve photographed at Disney World, as well as this fun Elvis one is Disneyland, which I haven’t had the opportunity to see.  I assume that Elvis was made by a different designer since he’s in California, but he’s too funny not to feature in this post. 

Image Credit: Mousewait

Image Credit: Mousewait

Pumpkin face2 Pumpkin facePumpkin house

My sources are the above interview and this video from Disney Parks.

What do you love most about Disney World in the fall?  
Happy Halloween!