I have been meaning to get this post out all summer and, here I am, at the end of summer, finally doing it.  

Midwestern Disney Parks fans:  The St. Louis Zoo has Dole Whips!  They’re not as tall or as beautifully formed as the ones at the Parks, but they are the real deal.  

The St. Louis Zoo is one of the few remaining FREE zoos in America.  It was ranked #2 in USA Today’s Best US Zoos and was among the top 10 Best Zoos for Kids in Parents Magazine.  For those of you who will be going, the cafe that sells Dole Whips is right at the end of the Rivers Edge, where the hippos and elephants are.

Dole Whip STL Zoo

I was so sad to arrive at the snack counter and place my order, only to find out that the machine quit working, literally right before us.  I checked back in just a little while though, and it was up and running again.  So, if that happens to you, do not fear!  All may not be lost. 

Dole Whips at the St. Louis Zoo

Dole Whips at the St. Louis Zoo