I have been missing being a part of Focused on the Magic’s Wordless Wednesday BlogHops!  It has been such a busy month at my house, and it isn’t slowing down for a while, but I managed to squeeze in a post this morning.  This week’s theme is Disney Details: one of everyone’s favorite things about Disney.

Today, I’m taking you into the queue of Muppet Vision 3D in Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios (294)There are several plays on words in this room.  This is “a net full of jell-o” in honor of one of Disney’s most famous Mousketeers: Annette Funicello!  Ha!

Hollywood Studios (296)Just a few of Miss Piggy’s fancy gown crates.  Someone didn’t pay attention to the direction arrows.

Hollywood Studios (297)A pretty pink package from Paris that was sent to Miss Piggy’s extra large dressing room.  
Notice the contents at the bottom.   (Miss Piggy’s Visage Mirage.  Extremely breakable!  Do not look directly into.)

Hollywood Studios (299)Lots more satin evening gowns for Miss Piggy and some funny crates for Fozzie Bear: Rubber Toast, Barnyard Noisemakers, Whoopie Cushion Refills, Non-Dairy Cream Pies, Banana Peels (some assembly required).

Hollywood Studios (300)Property of Miss Piggy: Moi Stuff.  Hands Off Vermin Breath

Hollywood Studios (301)A large container of Banana Puree, Gonzo’s Weird Stuff, and barrels of Pickled Herring for Nicky Napoleon and the Emperor Penguin 

Hollywood Studios (302)This one is blurry, but I loved it.  Boomerang Fish: A Product of Long Island Sound & Seafood Supply “Everything from Hearing to Herring” (because no trip to Muppet Theater is complete without a boomerang fish being thrown)

 Leave a Comment:  Have you ever stopped to notice the details in this room?  Who is your favorite Muppet character?

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