If you’re going to be heading to a Disney Theme Park with kids, you may want to think about downloading Disney’s free safety app: “Wild About Safety.”  

Wild About Safety

The “Safety Smart” app features Timon and Pumbaa on their vacation.  It teaches children (and adults) about the possible consequences of making unsafe choices at the Parks.  image

There are 17 safety tips, with a short video (or image) of Timon and Pumbaa demonstrating each one.  Using this app is not like getting a boring lesson about making safe choices; it’s cute and funny.  It tells kids, for example, to “keep an eye on your parents, so they don’t get lost.”  One tip shows Timon using a paint roller to cover Pumbaa with sunscreen so he can “have fun in the sun” and not “get overdone.”  image

Letting kids play this app before a vacation may help eliminate some troubles with your little ones.  I remember waiting in line to meet Mr. Incredible and Frozone and seeing lots of kids (including my own a few times) leaning, or pulling, or trying to sit on the rope dividers in the line.  Disney Cast Members are trained to stay positive and to not directly use the word “no.”  So, this poor girl was trying to think of lots of creative ways to telling kids, “Please stay off of the ropes.”  It wouldn’t have been an easy (or fun) job.  Next time, maybe I’ll say, “Remember, Timon and Pumbaa said …” and maybe my kids will listen more readily (since it’s Timon and Pumbaa’s rule, not Dad and Mom’s).Hold onto your Gear

Many of them are good reminders for us adults too.  For instance, it reminds us not to force anyone to ride a ride if they don’t want to try it and to hang on to our belongings when we’re on an attraction. (I wonder how many hats have been lost on the Mountain Range attractions.) image

We all want to keep our vacations accident-free and keep the fits and tantrums to a minimum, so why not prep the kids with Disney’s own safety tips?  
Download it for your iPhone or iPad here.

All images are screen captures from Disney’s “Wild About Safety” app.