A new Disney app is available, as well as adorable toys to match.  The game is similar to the popular Bejeweled.  You connect at least three matching characters and they pop out of the way, leaving the ones above it tumbling down and creating a new arrangement of Tsum Tsums.    Here is a screenshot from my iPad to give you an idea: 

Tsum Tsum start

You can create pretty big lines of characters.  It could easily be addicting, mostly because these little guys are so cute. 

imageThe app is FREE for Android and iOS.  It’s produced by LINE.

I first heard of this yesterday, when Disney’s fun “Oh My Disney” blog announced it, along with the new plush Tsum Tsums–and oh. my. goodness–they could not be any cuter.  I cannot wait until my Disney vacation so I can get my hands on some of these little guys.  Just watch this adorable video of them from the Disney Store website and the Disney Shows YouTube channel.


As if there weren’t enough, here is a glimpse of some of the cuter-than-cute pictures from the “Oh My Disney” post.

Tsums wishing well

Image Credit: Oh My Disney

Tsum Splash Mtn

Image Credit: Oh My Disney

Tsum Dumbo

Image Credit: Oh My Disney

If you’re like me, I was wondering how much they are (to see if I could justify getting one of each!!).  The Disney Store’s website has the small ones (3 1/2″) for $4.95, medium (11″) for $12.95, and large (17″ for $24.95).  From what I can tell, only Mickey and Friends and Pooh and Friends are available online right now, and they’re limited to a quantity of 4 each.  I assume they’re expecting them to be hugely popular right away.  

 Have fun with these little guys, either on the app or cuddling with a cute, plush Tsum Tsum.