Disney often casts voice actors more than once.  Some of these voice doubles are easily recognizable; others may surprise you.  We met several voice actors in Part 1 of this series.  Here are a few more for you to enjoy.


James MacDonald

Image Credit: Who's Dated Who

Image Credit: Who’s Dated Who

James voiced many recognizable characters, including Mickey Mouse himself!  I never would have guessed that some of these characters have the same voice–Gus and Jacques?  Chip and Bruno?  Wow!

Some sources said that he did voices in Mary Poppins (like the penguins and the horse race photographer and reporter), but I’m finding conflicting information about that.  Even IMDb lists Mary Poppins as a movie that he is known for, but doesn’t list it in his filmography.  So, I left those out to be on the safe side.  However, I am guessing that he did some uncredited voice work in the film.

 James MacDonald - Jaq James MacDonald - Gus James MacDonald - Bruno James MacDonald - Mickey  James MacDonald -Chip James MacDonald - Dormouse James MacDonald -  bees James MacDonald - Evinrude James MacDonald - Wolf

 James MacDonald’s roles include:


Candy Candido 

Image Credit: ThreeStooges.net

Image Credit: ThreeStooges.net

Candy has a very low, distinct voice.  Surprisingly, as low as these characters’ voices are, Candy could also switch back and forth from bass to soprano.  He demonstrates this in this song, “One Meatball.”  According to IMDb, his voice could hit even a few bass notes that were lower than a piano!  Wow!  

Besides these deep-voiced Disney characters, Candy also voiced the apple tree in the Wizard of Oz and he was a bass player in a band!

Candy Candido - goon Candy Candido - capt of guards Candy Candido - Indian Chief Candy Candido - Fidget Candy Candido - Brutus and Nero

If you are like me, you wouldn’t have recognized the similarity of these voices on your own, but now that you know they’re the same actor, you can’t believe you never heard it before.  

Candy Candido’s Disney roles include:

  • Maleficent’s Goon – Sleeping Beauty (Image Credit: Aveleyman)
  • Captain of the Guards – Robin Hood 
  • Indian Chief – Peter Pan
  • Fidget – The Great Mouse Detective 
  • Brutus and Nero – The Rescuers (Image Credit: Oh My Disney)

Something extra to think about:  Have you ever noticed the names of Brutus and Nero?  They are both names from Roman history: Brutus, being the friend and a conspirator in the death of Julius Caesar, and Nero, a Roman emperor.


 Kathryn Beaumont

Image Credit: IMDb

Image Credit: IMDb

Young Katherine Beaumont’s voice is one that most of us recognize.  She was only around ten years old when she was cast for the role of Alice–as her voice and her model.  Soon after that, she was Wendy.  She didn’t stay in Neverland, however.  Katherine grew up to become an elementary teacher (IMDb). She is still alive and beautiful today.

Kathryn Beaumont - Alice Kathryn Beaumont - Wendy

  • Alice – Alice in Wonderland (Image Credit: Disney Wiki)
  • Wendy – Peter Pan (Image Credit: Fanpop)


Pat Buttram

Image Credit: IMDb

Image Credit: IMDb

Pat Buttram was a comedian and voiced several Disney characters.  He was also seen in some well-known productions, such as Green Acres and Back to the Future: Part III.  His voice is definitely one-of-a-kind.

Pat Buttram - Sheriff Pat Buttram - Napoleon Pat Buttram - Luke Pat Buttram - Chief

Pat voiced:

  • Sheriff of Nottingham – Robin Hood 
  • Napoleon – The Aristocats (Image Credit: Disney Wiki)
  • Luke – The Rescuers (Image Credit: Disney Wiki)
  • Chief – The Fox and the Hound (Image Credit: Fanpop)


 Sterling Holloway

Image Credit: IMDb

Image Credit: IMDb

Actor Sterling Holloway is another unmistakable Disney voice.  He has voiced an impressive list of characters.

I remember watching The Aristocats in my 4th grade classroom, seeing the mouse, and thinking, “That’s Pooh!”  I don’t know that I ever connected him with some of these other roles, though.  Another impressive Disney voice resume!

Sterling Holloway -  Pooh Sterling Holloway - Cheshire Cat Sterling Holloway - Kaa Sterling Holloway - Roquefort Sterling Holloway - Flower Sterling Holloway - Mr. Stork Sterling Holloway - Prof Holloway

  • Winnie the Pooh (Image Credit: Fanpop)
  • The Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland (Image Credit: Wikipedia)
  • Kaa – The Jungle Book 
  • Roquefort – The Aristocats
  • Adult Flower – Bambi (Image Credit: Disney Insider)
  • Mr. Stork – Dumbo (Image Credit: Disney Wiki)
  • Professor Holloway – The Three Caballeros (Image Credit: Aveleyman)


Make sure you’ve read Part 1, which includes some great voices, like Cogsworth, Merryweather, and the most-used voice actor and Part 3, which introduces us to the voice behind Smee, the Fairy Godmother, and more!

Leave a comment.  Which of these Voice Doubles surprised you the most?

Unless otherwise noted, photos are from Disney Screencaps.  Thank you!