This week’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop theme is “Disney Weenies.”  
Ok, I’m not quite going wordless here, but I have to be honest. I had a post made up with these picture for this week’s theme.  
Collector Pack toys closer Epcot (380)
My take on it was “teeny-weeny toys” and a frankfurter weenie from the Germany Pavilion. Then, I thought, I’d better google the theme just to see… I did and I learned something new about Disney!  A “weenie” is apparently an icon that draws guests in.  (Thanks, Blue Sky Disney.) I’ve always just called them “icons,” so, this was fun to learn something new!  
Now, here are some real “Disney Weenies!”
Cinderella Castle
Space Mountain
Spaceship Earth
Sorcerer Hat
Focused on the Magic

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Also, leave me a comment if you also just learned what a “weenie” was.  I’m not the only one, am I?!  Ha!