Disney Decal no name

Leah, from my old neighborhood and the The DIS (the largest un-official Disney site), let me know this morning that Disney is giving away FREE decals.  Totally free–even free shipping!  

You design your family, complete with Disney outfits, accessories, hats, and even “‘staches and lashes.”  After building your family, you can add a Disney Parks background, choose a background color, and add your name.  Some shirts, hairdos, and accessories are “locked,” unless you enter additional information (such as an email address and when you’d like to visit the Parks).  This additional information needs to be entered when your order the decal, so you might as well unlock the extras!

The site is pretty busy, so it can be slow, but it was worth the time.  It was so fun to make our cute, little cartoon family!

There is a limit of one decal per household, but you could build more and download the image for fun, if you’d like!

Get started on yours here!