Small World Book

On this day in history, the 1964 New York World’s Fair opened, and so did Disney’s “it’s a small world” attraction.  As Disney Parks everywhere celebrate 50 years of “it’s a small world,” I’ll be reviewing a few products that are inspired by the ride.

I looked all over Disney World for this book when I was there last fall.  I never did find it, so I ordered it online from Barnes and Noble and we gave it to our sons for Christmas, with the memory of their first Disney vacation.

It’s a Small World
Words and Music by: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Illustrations by: Joey Chou
ISBN 978-142314689-6

I absolutely love this book.  The colors are vibrant and they fill the whole page.  The title on the dust jacket is textured.  Inside the front cover is an envelope with an audio CD of the classic song.


The illustrations by Joey Chou are adorable and they’re similar to Mary Blair’s artistic style in the attraction, with lots of colors and geometric shapes.

World of Hopes

The words are just the familiar song lyrics, but they come to life with the cute pictures.

World of Fears

The illustrations depict all of the seasons, various landmarks and land forms from around the world, and different people groups.

One Moon

Several of the pictures seamlessly blend the people and places into one illustration.


This one, for example, shows people (and animals) from Asia to Australia to America.

Oceans are Wide

This page shows people (and mermaids and sea monsters!) enjoying the ocean from the tropics to the arctic, reminding us that we can be long distances apart, but still be connected.


This page shows a wintry scene from Russia to Japan.  My son loves the snowman.


My favorite thing about this book are the large pages and the full-color illustrations,  They are full of detail and each one is so cute.  Being someone who is not annoyed by this song (even by the end of the ride), I also enjoy the lyrics.  To me, they are a sweet reminder of unity in our world and, also, of the fun times I’ve had at Disney World.  Our one-year-old son climbed into my lap one afternoon and had me sing this book to him three or four times, until he fell asleep.  I think that means he likes it too.  🙂

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