Norway Photo Credit:  Linda Garrison

Norway Photo Credit: Linda Garrison

Recently, I had an idea for a project and I was “trolling” the internet for images of traditional Norwegian trolls.  I came across this picture right away (by Linda Garrison) and I thought, “That is the Epcot troll!”  I looked back at a vacation photo of mine, only to discover that the two are practically identical (except that one is painted, of course)!  The troll is in Voss, Norway at the Flam Railway.  

Doing a little more searching, I found this troll too, also from the Flam Railway Station in Voss.  He’s pretty much the same, except that he has hair.

Photo Credit:  Marc Latham

Photo Credit: Marc Latham

I couldn’t find anything about whether these trolls inspired the troll at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase (which seems to only make sense).  I also wonder how many of these trolls there are.  He is an awfully cute, big guy and I think just about everyone who has set foot in the Norway Pavilion has a photo with him.

However, I did learn a little bit about the impressive Norwegian Flam Railway.  This video tells about it, while showing some gorgeous views of the country that inspired Frozen and is one of the 11 nations in World Showcase.

If you know anything about the origin of these trolls or the one at Disney World, share your knowledge and leave a comment about it.

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